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Michael Schwab has worked with athletes ranging from just off the couch beginners to world class competitors!

Many beginner and experienced athletes think, “I want to get as far as I can on my own before I get a coach.”  I understand because I used to think the same way.  The trouble is that I did not realize that practice makes permanent – in a bad way.

3 things that will insure your athletic success!

#1 Make your exercise fun! Help your body help you and trigger enorphine release by doing all that you can to enjoy your workouts.  If you simply think to your self before you exercise, “This is going to be fun!  I am going to love this!  Your body will respond in a physical way that will truly surprise you.1  Even if this does not start out being true, try it and you will be surprised!

#2 Practice proper form.  Perfect practice makes perfect.  Use good technique from the start and not only will you reduce your risk of injury, but you will not have to unlearn bad technique later and that will put you miles ahead of the competition!

#3 Get a coach.  It is always difficult to see what we are really doing without perspective, proper coaching will give you that perspective and keep you motivated and moving forward!

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