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Q: Do you only work with triathletes?

A: While our focus is on swim, bike and run, we also offer general fitness and weight loss help within the framework of teaching healthy lifestyle.  You may not have any desire to complete in or complete a triathlon, but if you want to run, bike or swim better, we can help.  If you simply want to be in better shape for the rest of you life, we can help with that as well!

Q: I haven't exercised or been active in years. How can Schwab Fitness help me?

A: First we will assess a couple of things.  #1 what are your goals. #2 what exactly is your current state of fitness, are you just lacking tone or do you need to loose a significant amount of excess baggage?  Then we will design a customized plan that will safely take your from your current state of fitness to where you want to be and make the active lifestyle your lifestyle.

Q: I've joined gyms before and they haven't worked for me.  How is Schwab Fitness different?

A: First of all, we are not a gym.  Second, at Schwab Fitness, we are not simply offering a workout plan or schedule, but methods to help you achieve a lifestyle change. We consider who you are, what kind of schedule you keep and then we can devise a customized plan to make you successful in transitioning into a sustainable active lifestyle. Our mission is for you to succeed.

Q: I have hated exercise all of my life but I know that it is good for me, is there a way to change my attitude?

A: Absolutely!  Our customized plans are geared specifically to train you to love the process! You will be amazed at how quickly you fall in love with your training!

Q: I don't have a lot of money.  Do you have a payment plan?

A: Of course we have plans to fit every budget.

Q: I am already an experienced athlete.  Why do I need a coach?

A: In a word, perspective.  Having someone look at you who is not as close to who you are as an athlete is invaluable to getting the most out of your training.  Someone to independently assess where you are in your training, recovery and peaking yet not so close as to feel guilty about telling you to take a few days off because you really aren’t recovering properly. Someone to take a hard continuing look at your form to help you be a kaizen athlete. An athlete who looks to always be improving.

Q: I have heard that your metabolism is in your genes and that if your parents were fat that you are destined to be fat, is this really true?

A: This is simply not true. We become fat mostly due to our lifestyles, not genetics. If your parents were fat, you are at risk of becoming fat not because of your genetics but because you learned a lifestyle from your parents. Research indicates that fat parents have fat kids because the children learn poor eating habits and to have sedentary lifestyles. It is never too late to take control of your destiny and implement good eating habits coupled with a sustainable active lifestyle!

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