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What People are Saying

Coach Michael Schwab provided personalized running & cycling skill training to prepare me for the 2012 Duathlon World Championships with Team USA. He consistently obtained a performance level that I frankly did not think I was capable of. His coaching and people skills are superior. Coach Schwab formulated my schedule for 2013 as we pursue another run at this year's World Championships. He is very knowledgeable, supportive and generous. Michael is my friend.

Harold L Hering - Indianapolis, IN


Michael is an extraordinary teacher, I've learned more in a few sessions than I ever could on my own. Elena - Greenwood, IN

I am so appreciative of Michael's selflessness in working with those of us that are novices. I think he will make a big difference for most of us. This is awesome!!! Woo Hoo , Let's ride. Brenda Merideth - Indianapolis, IN

Michael, is an extremely patient man with experience and knowledge to share.

Elaine - Indianapolis, IN

Michael has helped me in overcoming my fear of riding hills, showing me the way to tackle the climbs by knowing when to change the gears, slearning how to maintain the rpm in pedaling, breathing, and relaxing my shoulders.

It helps to have him talk me through everything that is involved in climbing hills and not get discouraged or give up. I'm no longer afraid of riding hills and challenge myself by improving the mph on hills that I have ridden before.

 I'm looking forward to this improvement in the upcoming year.

His patience helps tremendously as well. Sharon Williams - Fishers, IN