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I am an engineer at heart and as such, I am driven to try to make things work better or in a more efficient manner.

Many athletes are caught up in tradition or what they have always heard as the way things should be done.

For example, just a few years ago, it was a widely held belief that you run the way you run and that attempting to improve your running economy was not only futile but dangerous.

What is the Innovation?

Today there are numerous programs that address run form to increase speed, reduce injury risk and increase enjoyment! Swimmers have concentrated on improving form for years and much of the improvement in swimmers today vs say 30 years ago can be attributed to improvements in economy.  In other words using the same amount of energy to go farther per stroke.  This has been accomplished through innovation in technique and how to learn that technique.

What does this have to do with training? A lot but in a bit of a different sense!

Everyone is pressed for time in our fast paced world. Most people have to work full time jobs, many have families.

The time we have for training is very limited.  While I don’t think that any training time is wasted, it has been demonstrated that proper structure in training can yield far superior results with less volume than most athletes realize.

You as an athlete need to get the most out of every training session.  

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