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What is the JDRF and why do you have a page for it?

The JDRF is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and if you read my bio, you likely think that you get why I have a page just for them because I have been Type 1 since 1974. Plus the JDRF is the leader in Type 1 diabetes research for improved treatment of the disease and the number one hope for a cure.

I understand why you would think that I would be self motivated in promoting the JDRF, but let me assure you that I have been diabetic so long that I am totally not concerned about finding a cure for me.  I really am concerned about those who have not been as fortunate as myself and reached an point with the disease where the daily concerns of treatment are no longer an issue for me.  I am used to it after 37+ years.  I will confess that new developments in insulin pump therapy, blood glucose monitoring and insulin delivery are of great interest to me.

But the real reason that I support the work of the JDRF is that they give people hope that one day we can rid the world of often terrible and incurable disease.  They give comfort to the newly diagnosed

It’s for kids like 7 year old Garrett, my youth ambassador for JDRF who was diagnosed in April of 2010 with Type 1 diabetes and who is dealing with this disease like a real trooper everyday, and selling JDRF tennis shoes to raise money to find a cure.

I ride a raise money for kids like Alexis Lord diagnosed just this year (2011) at age 9 and show in the picture to the right with her JDRF bag of hope.

It made me feel very good to talk to Alexis and find out just how much that back pack means to her

As of today, there is no cure for diabetes, it can only be managed.  But the more money that goes into research the more that we are able to understand this disease and the closer we can come to not just a cure, but prevention in the first place.

Living with diabetes is no picnic, and I personally want to do everything that I can to make like easier, more manageable and closer to normal for all of those that I come into contact with, who suffer from  it.

I had a Type 1 friend sum it up to me one day like this.  Most days on a scale of 1-10 it’s about a 2 or 3.  But when it gets bad it’s an 11.  I have to whole heartedly agree with that analogy.

If you want to know more, have diabetes and just need someone to talk to contact me at info @

If you are motivated to help out with a financial contribution to the JDRF, you can do that by clicking URL: any amount is appreciated