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Schwab offers World Class Mental Game Coaching!

Get the same mental game coaching that top athletes in the world have available.

Schwab is partnered with Protex Sports and as a client of Schwab you will have available exclusive access to Mental Game Coach John Ellsworth

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Everyone asks the same question: Is sports psychology helpful for me? The bigger question to ask is: Do I perform the way I want to perform in competition?

One of the biggest myths athletes often buy into is that you must develop “perfect” execution or knowledge about a particular sport before you can work on the mental game. I am here to tell you this statement is the farthest from the truth. From my perspective you simply cannot separate the mental from the physical aspect of the game when it comes to motor skill performance. Every decision, thought, feeling and image you have about your performance sets up each and every action. For every thought there is an equal and related action. Sports Psychology helps athletes develop confidence, focusing, and composure skills as they work toward mastering the technical aspects of the game.